Terms of Use

By registering as a subscriber to the Gildas Platform you agree to the terms of use, you agree that all information you provide is correct and accurate at the time of registration. On our part, we convent that we only use your personal data for the purposes of registration and subscription. We never will sell or share your data with third parties. The only exception to that, it if for local compliance we are legally obligated to share your data with a government body of that country.

You agree that:

  1. That you will comply with any tax, or other liability that you are liable for
  2. The subscription price is based on the gold price and as such, it may go up or down based on market conditions
  3. You understand fully the terms of subscription, namely:
    1. You receive commission on subscription orders only, based on order volume
    2. You must always present yourself as "Customer of Gildas".
    3. You will never attempt to persuade others to pay you on behalf of Gildas.
    4. You will never offer to receive other people's gold on their behalf
    5. You will never represent this as any type of investment scheme, or a get rich quick scheme or an MLM.
  4. You agree to follow the ethics of the Four Agreements:
    1. Be Impeccable With Your Word - Don't lie, cheat or make promises you can't keep
    2. Don't Make Assumptions - We all do, yet assumptions are almost always wrong.
    3. Do Your Best - Always do you best, some days will be better than others, forgive yourself and move on
    4. Don't Take Things Personally - Not everything is about us, everyone acting from the level of awareness that they have.