To provide a platform for financial intelligence, time freedom to allow our members to blossom into the leaders the world needs right now.


The big why is because we are entering a period of social, political and financial upheaval unlike anything seen since the arrival of the industrial age.

PWC, the consulting firm as done are great analysis of the 5 Mega Trends that are shaping the world today and tomorrow. The goverments won't be able to help. But individuals will.

All major changes in the world have been accomplished by a few committed individuals. What is stopping the vast majority of people, is wage slavery and debt. In addition no one really knows the effect of AI and automation on jobs, as a study by MIT shows. Yet it would be prudent to plan for the worst case, wouldn't it?

Gildas is a gold-based UBI platform

What's UBI? Universal Basic Income.

We at Gildas think most would agree that we are on totally unsustainable direction: we are consuming more than the planet has, the financial system is totally predatory, small and medium sized companies are failing in record numbers, yet they are still the backbone of any economy, between 60% to over 80% of any nation's GDP is made up by small and medium sized businesses.

Automation and AI will decimate the working middle class. This is a fact.

Gildas is a platform for creating change, by getting rid of the two biggest excuses people have: no time, no money.

If you don't believe us, here's a short video by Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor and served in the administrations of Presidents Ford, Carter & Clinton, he was an economic advisor to President Obama as well:

Other people who believe the only way forward is with some form of UBI:

More info here, here and here. What Martin Luther King Jr, Stephen Hawking, Bertrand Rusell and Buckminster Fuller have to say about universal basic income.